Beyond the Sea among our Tagbanua Brethren

In 2002, Penuel School of Theology, in partnership of Union Church of Manila (UCM), went to the Province of Zambales to hold a one year training among our Aeta brothers and sisters. Around hundreds of them, mostly pastors and church leaders, received training on different aspects of Christian education such as bible interpretation, spirituality, contextual discipleship, practical theology, church administration, and other relevant topics.

Many years after, delegates of UCM happened to meet some of the recipients of the training told us that these people still remember the training and they appreciate what Penuel had done to them. Having proven faithful and effective, Penuel is about to embark again to another ministerial challenge. Penuel is now setting its eyes beyond the sea, in the Islands of Coron in Palawan Province.

We invoke your prayers and support as a door of opportunity opens up before us to enjoy fellowship with our Tagbanua brothers and sisters, to celebrate the cup of faith with them, and partake in mutual learning and education. We lift this in prayer that God may bless this all the preparation and planning.

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