Penuel in Bulacan: Exploring and Expanding God’s work

By Fred Laceda

With the changing times educational institutions like Penuel is challenged to broaden its horizon in terms of providing quality theological education. Exploring new avenues to equip the Lord’s ministers requires drastic changes. Such change include providing online and other short term courses.

Instead of working solely on a traditional classroom setting Penuel sensed the need to bring the classroom to the people. For the last two years Penuel has assembled a group of teachers to teach one-day seminars in various churches – for free.

The topics is an integration of biblical and theological themes along with the pressing issues of our times – climate and environmental problems, consumerism and church-related issues.

Thus when the opportunity arises to have an extention of Penuel in Bulacan, the school grabbed it. Last August Penuel opens its Bulacan extension with two courses: Hermeneutics and Urban Life and Spirituality. The students ranges from Pastors, church workers and lay ministers. The Bulacan extension is a good start to bring Penuel to where the workers are ministering. We hope and pray that new vistas would open for Penuel to train church leaders.

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