Thanksgiving for 2016

By Nestor Ravilas

As 2016 draws to a close it’s good to reflect on what God has done to Penuel this year. This year marks the actualization of a long-planned fundraising team that would meet regularly to strategize and help connect Penuel to individuals and organizations with similar concern and burden for Christian workers ministering in the margins of our society. One of the goals of this fundraising team is to have an ‘open house’ sometime next year to highlight the student body and the school itself to those who are willing to journey with Penuel.

With technology invading every area of our collective lives, even education institutions need to adapt to come to terms with this new reality. Thus, it necessitates Penuel to be proactive and seek new ways to train Christian workers. One such option is to expand the reach of the school’s training. Online education has been gaining ground lately, but online education comes at a price and for Penuel the price for now is too steep. Yet, other avenues like having satellite classrooms in far-flung areas or those outside of Metro Manila is more doable. Last August Penuel opened its first extension program in Bulacan. The goal of the program is to provide the same quality education Penuel is known for without the burden of having to go out of their ministry area.

Moreover, as a socially-conscious school, Penuel is participating in various forums to share the school’s integration of practical ministry with theoretical awareness. This year Penuel hosted events and partnered with different organizations to tackle and help educate on contemporary issues ranging from social, political, and theological topics. The objectivel is to have a deep and sustained reflection about current issues and the role of our faith as Christians. In line with this, last year (2015) Penuel started to have free lecture-seminars in different churches that centers on the role of the church in society.

We know that all these things would not be possible if not for God. We thank God for the blessings—we also thank you in journeying with us—or better yet for grappling with us.

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