Working Together for the Community

by Fred Laceda

Last year Penuel organized a small gathering with the churches nearby for a night of fellowship and perhaps explore ministry possibilities and tie-up. Part of the program are free lectures that suits the needs of churches. One lecture discuss issues on discipleship, dispute and discipline while the other centers on environmental concerns and awareness. The hope of that fellowship-dinner is to forge a ministry partnership between Penuel and the churches in the area.

That partnership became a reality this second semester as a group of church leaders who attended that said gathering enrolled. Some are also inquiring on how Penuel can conduct in-house training for their current and future leaders. Moreover, because these church leaders are professionals they cannot attend the usual class during the weekdays. Thus, they propose to have the classes during Saturdays instead. The school catered to their request. So far we have two classes on Saturdays: New Testament 1 (Gospels) and Church Administration.

This is a good opportunity for the school to adapt to the changes and to cater to the needs of the body of Christ. Penuel is also looking at ministry partnership with the churches that can have an immediate impact to the community like community organizing and drug-related ministry. This we think is part of Penuel’s role to give back to the community and part of its social responsibility. Lastly, we hope and pray that these partnerships would blossom so that more churches and the community in general would be reached by the life-saving love of Jesus our Lord.

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