“How was your Penuel experience?”: A Student Shares Her Story

By Lea Laña

On the second week of March 2018, I enrolled at Penuel School of Theology. I took Christian Education and enrolled in four subjects for my first semester. They were Theology 1, New Testament 1, Spirituality and Formation, and Old Testament 2.

Penuel has allowed me to sit-in in a number of classes during my early visits with them. They wanted me to experience first-hand how classes are conducted in Penuel, see the different teaching styles, and get a feel of the school policies and culture. I was surprised at the same time amazed at Penuel. My experience was far from what I have expected.

At first, I thought it would be no different from the usual Bible class we have at our Church, until I had my first class in Penuel. I was introduced to terminologies, concepts, and many other things, which I did not really think to be related to the Bible at all. This eventually has captured my whole being. I then knew that my stay in the bible school will not be easy neither will it be that simple

I can say that I am so blessed to have such able teachers. As someone who have experienced studying in a different university, it was in Penuel that I became aware of an underdeveloped personal skill—that is having a critical faculty especially in thinking through complex subject matters. In Penuel, I have also learned to be more sincere and intentional in my studies; that they will not merely be exercises of the mind or training on how to read. Studying should be wholehearted and with a purpose. On a different note, my studies in Penuel was made less difficult because of a scholarship I have received from the school.

It has been almost a year since I started out in Penuel. I have learned a lot not only from my teachers. I am mustering more resolve to do the things that I thought I cannot do. I am looking forward that in the coming semesters I may contribute something of value to Penuel.

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