Penuel Penetrates Theological Space Abroad

By Nestor Ravilas

In July of 2018, Lorenzo Bautista and Nestor Ravilas, both faculty of Penuel, flew to Singapore to join a theological forum. Trinity Theological College of Singapore, in celebration of its 70th year, held a theological symposium to highlight its commitment to continuing dialogue and discussion on intricate theological subjects. They invited religious thinkers and theologians from Southeast Asian region to join them grapple different issues pertaining Salvation and Eschatology. Professor Tom Greggs, the Marischal Chair of Divinity at the University of Aberdeen, was also present as the main speaker and interlocutor of all the participants. Both presentations of Bautista and Ravilas were well-received and appreciated for their ingenuity and profundity. Bautista speaks on Evangelical Soteriology and Immanence, while Ravilas paper delves into the Imagined Dialogue between Jesus, Immanuel Levinas and Judith Butler on Dual Salvation in Matthew 24:31-46.

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