Participating in a Global Conversation

By Fred Laceda

Last Oct. 22–26, 2018, Nestor Ravilas and Fred Laceda participated in the annual Street Psalms Intensives—a conversation of global leaders working in hard places while seeking its peace—held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo is like Manila in many respects. The capital city of the Dominican Republic bear the marks its historical past, including the painful memory of colonization. And just like Manila, it also resembles the effect of the unequal development brought by neoliberal globalization. Because of these, Santo Domingo is an apt backdrop for action and contemplation. The work of Street Psalms in various cities in different continents resonates with Penuel’s work in marginalized communities for the last thirty years. This invitation to participate in an ongoing global conversation provides Penuel not just a network but a family-like community as we collectively grapple with the injustice and violence that beset our contemporary society.

At the moment, Penuel and Street Psalms are in the process of formalizing its partnership. This will greatly benefit the communities that we serve and hopefully expand our work. The task at hand for Penuel is to allow its distinct voice to be a part of a cacophony of global voices humming for peace and justice.

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