Is the Doctrine of Grace a Hindrance to our Prophetic Call? Exploration in Political Theology

Why the incessant call for the church to stand and carry out its prophetic call does not create even a modicum appeal to most of Evangelical Christians to make them budge to engage maleficent power?

Why despite those eloquent rhetoric of professing public theologians that the church was called to say truth to power they remained, nonetheless, unmoved and unaffected? What these public theologians are missing in terms of theology and worldview that shaped and informed the faith principle of the faithful?

And why those so called enlightened believers themselves could not provide us convincing discourses on why should we come to streets and publics spaces to denounce power that kills, oppresses, and deceives?

Is our notion of grace in some way guilty of undermining our prophetic ministry that is why almost none is heeding the call?

Come this July 15-August 12 and join us grapple these questions.


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