Penuel is a school of formation among the marginalized towards a Christian life and citizenship that live out the stewardship of all gifts by which God blesses individuals, communities and cultures aiming for justice, productivity and solidarity guided by the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit.

Penuel aims to primarily provide affordable quality theological training that is community oriented, especially for those who minister among the urban poor.

Penuel affirms the final authority of the Bible and living a life of obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ in word and in deed.

Penuel is committed to proclaiming the Gospel and seeks to fulfill this goal by equipping its students to accomplish this God-given task.

Penuel seeks to understand the Gospel and our Christian responsibility in the Philippine setting.

Penuel is committed to integrate the Gospel into one’s life and that of the community.

Penuel is interdenominational. It does not deny various denominational experiences and traditions, but rather seek to bring together that diversity into a harmonious unity.

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