Name and logo

Penuel Logo

Penuel school logo

The Penuel logo is written in an ancient script called “Baybayin” which was in use before the Hispanic domination of the Philippines. The stylized rendition reads from left to right, top to bottom and simply reads “Penuel”.

The Name “Penuel”

Night Wrestlers, by Warren Criswell

Penuel” appears in Genesis 32:30, the name given by Jacob to the place where he wrestled with who appears to be God Himself … and wins (though with a broken hip). The word has variants in translation, “penuel” seems to be the original Hebrew and various translations of the Bible renders it as either “peniel”, “piniel” or “penuel”. The Hebrew meaning being “face of God”. We chose the latter simply because it sounds better.

We would like to think that Penuel is a place where we encounter God, are challenged by God, challenges God, perseveres and can win (hopefully not with a broken hip; a broken ego maybe)!

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